Brandaris Consulting

Brandaris Consulting

About Us

Brandaris Consulting, established in 1998, is a small business defense contractor specializing in:

We have directly and indirectly supported the vast array of Air Force weapon systems and commodities with special emphasis on the F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 Thunderbolt II, Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile, munitions, landing gear, and secondary power commodities. Our web solutions are utilized by Headquarters Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, Air Logistics Centers, and all Operating Commands to include the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command


How We're Different

In an environment dominated by major defense contractors, Brandaris Consulting offers a unique and refreshing approach to identifying process improvements and solving various logistics and supply chain challenges. Our consultants combine outstanding academic achievements with practical defense experience to offer world-class solutions. We are embedded with the outstanding military and civilian employees to collaborate and build off each other's strengths. Our consultants come from various defense career fields and educational disciplines which allow us to develop and provide enterprise solutions that help the Department of Defense achieve their mission within ever shrinking budgets. Our network of professionals differentiates us from the competition. 


What Can We Do For You?

Contact us  for a free evaluation. We'll provide a high-level summary of custom and commercial-off-the-shelf applications and solutions available to fit your needs. We'll also provide examples of our work and testimonials from our many satisfied clients. Give Brandaris Consulting a chance to work for you.