Brandaris Consulting


Our consulting services enable government agencies to improve performance, quality, timeliness and efficiency throughout their organizations. Our professionals understand the operating environment is rapidly changing and we are prepared to facilitate a dynamic response that will allow organizations to continuously improve mission performance. All of our services are focused on increasing customer support, with ever increasing financial constraints, and help restore the public's confidence in their government.

The Brandaris team of professionals maintains the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide expert advice, assistance, guidance and counseling in support of Federal Agencies’ management, organizational and business improvement efforts. Our professionals have developed these knowledge, skills, and abilities through education and experience while serving in a variety of positions within the Department of Defense (DoD). Our services cover management, organizational and business improvement efforts with primary focus in the following areas:


Strategic Planning

Our team of professionals has vast experience in strategic business and action planning in the DoD community. Our team is currently responsible for building and supporting strategic plans using the Federal Agency’s mission statement as a baseline and articulates the most efficient means to achieve the mission. In addition to documenting the current operating environment, our team develops detailed action plans that incorporate operating efficiencies over the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) and describe the timelines and resources necessary to achieve the desired end state. Critical to any strategic plan is a suite of metrics that allow the Federal Agency to track the progress being made and to interject course correction during the execution of the strategic plan. Our team offers a suite of performance measures and indicators that maximizes limited resources and ensures functional balance. 


Logistics Consulting

Our team performs a variety of business consulting services to maximize the positive impact of information management systems. As our clients have become more reliant on a continually growing array of data systems, our experts provide the logistical expertise to tie the new systems to current management challenges. Faced with an ever-increasing volume of available data our team compiles the chaos into usable, mission-focused information. Most recently, our team successfully merged data from multiple sources to create an accurate method to identify Air Force Materiel Command accounting transactions down to the Major Command (MAJCOM) and specific organization involved. We applied the methodology to inform each MAJCOM of funding impacts due to budget changes.


Supply Chain Management

a) Cycle/Response Times. To guarantee the right product is delivered to the right place at the lowest possible price, our team recognizes the importance of reducing supply chain cycle/response times without jeopardizing the quality of the materiel. Our solutions identify process improvements that drive down response times in the transportation, packaging and warehousing, retrograde, procurement, and repair pipelines. Most recently, our team played a key roll in developing a customer wait time metric for the Air Force and identified existing constraints and recommended solutions to drive down the applicable cycle times. 

b) Performance Measures and Indicators. Our team of professionals provides consulting services to improve and establish customer support and financial metrics for Supply Chain Managers. Our approach to developing meaningful metrics focuses on the overall well-being of the organization and achieves balance between the different functional supply chain areas. All measures and indicators are designed to support the organizations strategic plan in achieving balance between the mission, fiscal and human resources, and operations. Our Team also identifies source data systems and establishes the protocol for obtaining the necessary data. Our Team helps build the supply chain metrics strategy map to show the relationship of metrics and to identify positive and negative ramifications of given actions to reallocate resources and implements process improvements.


Process Improvement

Our Team has developed a four-step approach to all improvement studies we perform. 

Step 1 – Organizational Assessment and Condition Identification. This step is critical in identifying the operating constraints of an organization and can take the greatest amount of time to conduct. The assessment covers all aspects of an organization’s operations and identifies those areas that will bring the greatest return on investment when improvements are implemented. 

Step 2 - Root Cause/Constraint Identification. The initial cause identified for an existing condition is generally not the “root” cause of the problem. Our experts research issues back to the driving policies, procedures, and attitudes that require change. 

Step 3 - Impact Study. This step in the approach documents the financial or mission impact of the conditions found. Only issues that have a significant adverse affect on the organization are carried forward for corrective action. 

Step 4 – Recommendations. The end product of all our services is the recommended actions and successful implementation of those recommendations. All recommended actions focus on resolving an existing condition and establishing controls to avoid repeat occurrence. Our team uses a mix of government and commercially accepted practices to identify and recommend improvements.


Audits and Evaluations

Our team has a combined 63 years of experience in performing DoD compliance and performance audits. Our experts develop detailed audit plans and programs, conduct audit tests using Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) processes and procedures, and report audit/evaluation findings using prescribed Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG) reporting guidelines. Our audit and evaluation services focus on fiscal and mission objectives. Our conclusions clearly identify conditions found, root causes, mission and fiscal impacts, and recommended actions to remedy existing conditions and prevent repeat occurrence.


Financial Management

Capitalizing on our combined 63 years of experience in financial and budgetary management, our team currently supports our clients to manage individual budgets exceeding $1.2 billion. Our experience encompasses every aspect of budget management, emphasizing: budget development, forecasting, execution planning, funding allocations, detailed expense tracking and analysis, overhead management, materiel management, price setting, as well as sales/demand analysis. The breadth of experience we bring to each project includes not only financial but also logistics, audit, metrics, and system development skill-sets. This diversity allows our team to provide specific financial solutions, including automated systems development, cognizant of interrelationships and impacts across the organization.


Web Solutions

Brandaris has a world-class software development team that has built web solutions utilized across the Air Force and Defense Logistics Agency. Our web solutions help our customers manage their financial, manpower and engineering resources, and have been identified as "best practices" across the Air Force. We also have designed and maintain logistics and supply chain information systems that ensure warfighters around the World have the spare parts necessary to perform their mission. Our application services approach includes development of enterprise focused solutions by maximizing commercial technology and disciplined systems engineering processes. Further, our advanced development techniques employ a modular development process, leveraging code already developed to drive significant efficiencies in code reuse that reduces time to deploy, test and release new functionality in our solutions.